R Line Towing & Recovery Conducts Accident Roll-Over Training

accident roll-over training
7 Jul

R Line Towing & Recovery Conducts Accident Roll-Over Training

As summer commences, many people will be traveling for vacation, holiday, family reunions, and other various reasons. Unfortunately, more motorists on the roads, means more accidents. In preparation, R Line Towing & Recovery conducts their annual Accident / Roll-Over Training. R Line Towing & Recovery wants their team of professional tow operators to be prepared for any incidents they may encounter on the road this summer and through the year, that is why all members of their team are in attendance to receive training on vehicle accidents, roll-overs, accident recovery, and aiding emergency-responders.

“The main focus in this training is safety and proficiency”, stated R Line Towing & Recovery’s owner, and training organizer. He also added at the safety briefing, “There’s more than one way to to conduct these type of techniques safely, but; there are many more ways to conduct them dangerously. Today’s training will help you differentiate the safe ways from the dangerous ways, and the right ways from the wrong ways that could get somebody injured or killed.”

There is a lot going on at the scene of an accident. Paramedics are assisting with injuries, police are containing the scene, taking statements, collecting evidence; firefighters are containing any fires or spills, performing extractions, assisting with traffic, and the last thing they should have to worry about is another injury or fatality due to negligence or lack of experience. R Line Towing & Recovery conducts this type of training so, when they arrive on scene they are there to assist and help restore normalcy, not contribute to the problem.

As part of their training, R Line Towing deliberately rolled over a vehicle several times in a controlled setting to simulate the various positions a tow operator may find a vehicle in when they arrive on the scene of an accident. After the safety briefing and training, each tow operator was tasked with over-turning the vehicle and loading it onto a tow truck safely and proficiently. Stressing those two fundamental aspects, each operator completed the tasks multiple times.

According to recent workplace fatality census, tow operators have one of the most hazardous occupations in the country. Often times they are struck by passing motorists while performing their duties, but training helps mitigate those risks, and that is exactly why R Line Towing & Recovery conducts training sessions regularly. Tow truck operators are considered First Responders also, often times arriving on scene before police, medics, or fire fighters. That is why R Line Towing believes it is so important to train and know what needs to be accomplished when they arrive on any scene.

Please remember to always Slow Down & Move Over when you see an emergency responder on the side of the road. It’s courteous, and it’s the law!


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accident roll-over training accident roll-over training  accident roll-over training  accident roll-over training

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